Viralgen is awarded the “Radio San Sebastián Excellence Award”

San Sebastián. November 2020 – Viralgen was awarded the Radio San Sebastián Excellence Award at the Kursaal Congress Centre in San Sebastián, Spain, during the third edition of these awards that distinguish outstanding people, companies, or institutions in the Gipuzkoa region.

Among our main merits, the sponsor of this event, Cadena Ser, highlighted that Viralgen will be the only one outside the United States that would manufacture the viral vectors for the COVID-19 vaccine that is currently being developed by the Massachusetts General Brigham Hospital and Harvard University. Cadena Ser also pointed that the gene therapy of Viralgen to treat rare diseases, is making a high investment effort to serve the ongoing research against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

They also underlined the continuing development and growing strategy in San Sebastián with the support of Basque institutions, and that is the building of new facilities in the Miramón Technology Park, one of the “most advanced tech centers in Europe.” Our new building will become operational by the end of 2021, after an investment of more than 50 million euros.

With this expansion, we will be able to supply the growing demand of the pharmaceutical market for gene therapy, which is “the medicine of the future”, given its ability to modify genes that allow the cure of still unresolved diseases.