Columbus Venture Partners is a Spanish venture capital management company focused on promoting and developing emerging companies in the highly promising sectors of biotechnology and health sciences.

Columbus VP supports the most
innovative science emerging from research
centers and startups, accompanying them in
their development until the final commercialization
of new products and treatments that
offer effective solutions to unmet medical needs.

Columbus VP began operating
in late 2016 with the goal of connecting
investors and startups so that the most
disruptive and innovative science can
develop and have a real impact on society.

Their portfolio is both scientific and entrepreneurial,
as are their founders and professionals.
Their extensive industry knowledge
allows them to identify early-stage
initiatives for the development of new
therapies and treatments with potential
market demand. Columbus VP backs
early-stage science with a perspective
on social utility and return on investment.





Columbus VP aims to launch agile funds
to invest in opportunities within the biotechnology sector,
with a 50% focus on therapies and 50% on industrial development. 

80% of its investments are made in Spain,
in collaboration with specialized international
investors and corporate venture capital funds.

Columbus VP launched its first fund in 2016,
Columbus INNVIERTE Life Science, F.C.R.,
with an investment of €42 million.
Two years later, it launched its second fund,

Columbus Life Science Fund II, F.C.R.,
with an investment of €74 million.
In 2021, it launched its third fund, 
Columbus Life Science Fund III, F.C.R
with an investment of €120 million, and in 2023,
it launched its fourth fund,
Columbus Life Science Fund IV, F.C.R.,.,
with a target size of €150 million.
Key Information Document Columbus Life Sciences
Fund IV, F.C.R.

The four funds are committed to advanced therapies and
the development of key industrial infrastructures
and technologies for medical advancements.


At Columbus Venture Partners, we believe that innovation has a real impact on society, particularly on those with the greatest needs. However, pharmaceutical developments focus on indications or diseases that, due to the number of patients, have the potential for a positive economic return on investment. Therefore, treatments for ultra-rare diseases are often hindered not for technical reasons but due to profitability aspects. For this reason, our goal at Columbus is to bring these cutting-edge innovations so that the research and development of treatments for these ultra-rare diseases progress at the same pace as larger indications. Children with these diseases and their families urgently need access to these transformative medicines. Most suffer from severely altered lives, and in many cases, life expectancy is less than ten years. At Columbus Venture Partners, we are deeply motivated by the urgent need to ensure that no child is left behind. To this end, we work with the Columbus Foundation (Spain), the Columbus Children Foundation (USA), in collaboration with Askbio and Viralgen to provide a solution to these diseases.

Follow our activities at the Columbus Foundation (Spain) and the Columbus Children Foundation (USA).

Together we can change lives and ensure precious moments because every child deserves to live life to the fullest.