Biomimetic, a research from the center Príncipe Felipe converted into a cosmetic

Valencia, Spain, June 2017 – Society increasingly tends to consume simple yet effective products, that contain the minimum quantity of additives to avoid damaging the body. This is what the Valencian company Polypeptide Therapeutic Solutions S.L. (PTS) has managed through its range of cosmetic products, creating creams that, with only seven ingredients, are much more effective than the existing ones in the market.

The company was founded in 2012 as a spin off from the Laboratorio de Polímeros Terapéuticos of the Centro de Investigaciones Príncipe Felipe. Its founder is the researcher María Jesús Vicent, one of the worldwide references in the development of new transport and liberation systems of active substances used in oncology and neurodegenerative diseases.

The cosmetic line from PTS is based in this technology under the name of Biomimetic. Its main product line creates vehicles to transport active substances wherever they are required in the body, and therefore the company commercializes these vehicles to encapsulate medicines with the end goal of directing them selectively.

“The benefits attributed to our product are less secondary effects, higher effectiveness in the treatment of diseases, and higher selectiveness, and thus needing less quantities than other products”, explains José Vicent Pons, who directs the company together with María Jesús Vicent.

This solution allows them to work with leading pharmaceuticals to develop these types of vehicles. This technology is also applied to Biomimetic, the line that is already available in pharmacies. The largest investor of the company is Columbus, the fund co-founded by the Valencian entrepreneur Damiá Tormo and focused on investing in biotechnology companies.

The cosmetic consists of a hydrogel of hyaluronic acid and essential amino-acids that allow to break through the skin’s natural barrier reaching the deep layers and maximizing its effect. “What we have done is use the same components of the human body, and what we know how to do is to combine them and generate a design that provides benefits to the transport of active substances and, once it has fulfilled its functions, it degrades and also nurtures your skin”, explains Vicent Nebot, researcher of the company.

The main innovation is that this is the first active vehicle that currently exists in the cosmetic market, and with a high effectiveness. Used as a pre-base, PTS’s product also doubles the effectiveness of any other product that is applied on top of it. The product range has five items: hydration, anti-oxidation, depigmentation, firming, and anti-age. All of them contain the same base.

“In contrast with other cosmetic companies, we have been capable of making this product with only seven ingredients”, highlights Víctor Vázquez, specialist in the pharmaceutical aspects. “We have reduced the reactivity of the skin to its minimum expression”. Moreover, they assure that there is nothing like this in the market so far.