About us

Columbus Venture Partners

About us

Columbus Venture Partners is a Spanish independent venture capital that brings a unique approach for investing in outstanding early-stage and high growth opportunities in the life science industry of Spain.

Our team includes solid and internationally experienced investment professionals with a deep scientific, medical and business development background combined with a proven experience in building and investing in companies to accelerate their commercialization.

The combination of industry possibilities and investment experience will provide Limited Partner investors in the Fund a level of professionality and deep expertise that is essential for success in this field.


Christopher Columbus, one of the great entrepreneurs who changed the history of mankind, always thought big. A true visionary, Columbus was resilient, able to adapt to challenges, and willing to take risks. Five hundred years ago, Columbus spent seven years pitching his business plan to Genoese bankers (the world’s first angel networks) before convincing Castile’s King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to fund his crackpot scheme. This resulted in the world´s first term-sheet “Capitulations of Santa Fe”. This venture capital project resulted in a discovery that changed the fate of the world.